revolutionizing laundry pans


  • Universal design
  • No plumbing costs
  • Leak protection


Meeting housing needs is difficult – everyone wants 3000 square feet of utilization and amenities in their 900 square foot home. Specifying PanStand in your designs for your in-home laundry will allow you to squeeze more functionality in less space. Now putting stack pairs in a small closet is no longer an awkward task.

PanStand raises front loading machines so the opening is ADA compliant. Clean finished appearance makes open installations feasible.

Ideal for high rise condos, apartments, homes and any place that uses stackable washers and dryers and single washing machines.

Property Managers

The leak protection feature along with the optional pump kit lessens the risk of damage from leaky washers. Servicing becomes easier and less costly task as the float feature pulls the washer/dryer out so that controls can be accessed.


  • is heavy duty
  • won’t bend or rust
  • will never break when stepped on
  • raises appliance above any water thus preventing any damage to controls
  • eliminates or greatly reduces plumbing costs
  • dirt does not collect under pans or machines

The pump kit consists of a pump that sits in the well of the PanStand. Once the pump senses water it will activate & pump water out through the regular drain pipe through the uniquely designed crescent adapter.

You can truly move a washer/dryer with one finger with the PanStand. All you do is insert the nozzle of a standard small shop vacuum (with a 1.25 diameter nozzle), set it on ‘blow’ and turn it on. You can then guide the machine with very little effort. Want to see it in action? Click on the video!

Leak Protection: The high capacity built in reservoir holds a full washer load of water. The optional pump kit pumps that water out into your regular stand pipe.