revolutionizing laundry pans


  • Protects against leaks
  • “Float” feature – easy to move

Ever had your washer overflow? You know the mess…and the damage.. to floors, carpet…three floors down… PanStand is a revolutionary combination pedestal & pan that protects your property from leaks.

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PanStand raises your washer 5 inches, just enough to make your front loader ADA compliant, yet still keeps top loaders compliant.

The universal design goes with any style of washer/dryer. It is ideally suited for installations that are in tight quarters as the pedestal & float feature allows for easy maneuverability, servicing and cleaning.

You can truly move a washer/dryer with one finger with the PanStand. All you do is insert the nozzle of a standard small shop vacuum (with a 1.25 diameter nozzle), set it on ‘blow’ and turn it on. You can then guide the machine with very little effort. Want to see it in action? Click on the video!

A further protection against water damage is added with the optional pump kit

The PanStand is eco-friendly. Made of recycled material and when life cycle is done can be recycled

The pump kit consists of a pump that sits in the well of the PanStand. Once the pump senses water it will activate & pump water out through the regular drain pipe through the uniquely designed crescent adapter.

Leak Protection: The high capacity built in reservoir holds a full washer load of water. The optional pump kit pumps that water out into your regular stand pipe.