revolutionizing laundry pans


  • Float feature allows for easy installation
  • No plumbing necessary with optional pump kit

With PanStand, you won’t ever have to squeeze into a closet with a stack pair washer/dryer, your new best friend “Ralph” (who had pastrami and onions for lunch) and your tools to try to service a washer/dryer. The float feature allows you to easily move the unit out of the closet allowing for easy service from all sides.

The tip-on loading allows for one person to easily install or remove the washer/dryer without risk of breaking a conventional pan or injuring a worker.

The unique design conforms to a standard drain connection or if no plumbing is desired, an optional pump kit will pump any water up and out the standard stand pipe. The PanStand reduces vibration noise and the same surface that allows it to float also prevents it from moving around on the floor, even with an unbalanced load. However, it is easy to mount directly to the floor, if desired.

You can truly move a washer/dryer with one finger with the PanStand. All you do is insert the nozzle of a standard small shop vacuum (with a 1.25 diameter nozzle), set it on ‘blow’ and turn it on. You can then guide the machine with very little effort. Want to see it in action? Click on the video!

The pump kit consists of a pump that sits in the well of the PanStand. Once the pump senses water it will activate & pump water out through the regular drain pipe through the uniquely designed crescent adapter.