revolutionizing laundry pans

The ELP PanStand has been tested and reviewed by Mary Marlowe Leverette, Laundry Expert at Read about her experience here.

From The Home Depot website:

Hi, my name is Bryon, I work at an apartment building that has pan stands on all of our machines. We just had a machine flood for the first time, and the pan stand saved the day!

The Commons in Lincoln, Lincoln, MA

We love the pan stand concept and simple design. It allows us to easily maneuver the stacked units in and out with just 1 Maintenance tech. It’s Simply brilliant !!!

Ernie Allain
Plant Operations Director
The Commons in Lincoln

Absolute Kitchens Inc.

161 Fort Evans Road NE Suite 120 Leesburg, Virginia 20176 phone 703-771-3300

Mike Burk & ELP,
Thank you for introducing my company to the PanStand from Engineered Laundry Products (ELP). We seldom see a new product that is well thought out, well made, and well represented. For years I have been aggravated with drip pans that did not fit, made the installation difficult, or cracked because they were too large and either the installer or the client stepped on it. The PanStand solves all of these issues and more.

The PanStand is a great resource for designing a laundry room that meets code and looks great. The ability to stack the washer and dryer and then air sled it into position is amazing. Not only for saving the backs of the installer but keeping the clients walls from being marred and keeping brand new and expensive equipment from being scratched and dented.

When the Maglite brand of flashlights was introduced, they raised the bar for what a simple flashlight could be. Thank you ELP, for creating the Maglite of laundry stands.

Thank you,
Richard Forbes
Absolute Kitchens & Richard Forbes Design

Turns a 2 to 3 man operation into a 1 man operation. Saves time & injuries. There is No comparison to a regular pan.
Joe Harris, Allen & Rocks ( Ivy Club Apartments)

What I liked mostly about the PanStand was the ability to maneuver a stacked washer and dryer into tight places easily, and not having to worry about damaging cabinets or walls. It is great product and should be used under all stackables and washing machines,( and possibly dryers) that are above finished living spaces.Jay Allen, Jays Building and Remodeling in NY